History of

Al-Bedeawi & Partners LLP

Al-Bedeawi & Partners LLP (B&P) was established by Muhammad Al-Bedeawi in 2008 in New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, as a leading international law firm, dedicated to providing a comprehensive set of services to a variety of clients including corporations, government entities, nonprofit organizations and individuals.

Our offices have a diverse and knowledgeable team of attorneys with over 100 years of experience between them. Our goal is to provide exceptional client service and value across more than twelve (12) practice areas like Corporate Law, Personal Status & Family Law &, Investment, Tax, Insurance, Commercial Law, Debit Collection, Labor & Administrative Law, Property and Trademark Registration. Our team is able to advise corporate and individual clients in both Arabic and English languages across the world, putting us in the special position of being capable of conducting business across continents and cultures.


Corporate Lawyers

Our team of experienced attorneys have a deep understanding of our corporate client’s commercial needs, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the Egyptian legal system.  We pledge to provide our clients with innovative business, immigration and litigation solutions to serve their specific needs.  We are able to help corporate clients navigate through the realm of business law, by communicating to them the risks and issues involved in any venture or startup. Additionally, our team is well-versed in other areas of business law, guiding our clients through establishing companies, writing contracts, managing investments and intellectual property rights, such as trademark registration. As advisers of the law, we consider ourselves partners with our clients, helping them achieve success.

A Diverse

Professional and International Team

Our dynamic team of international lawyers has helped clients from over thirteen countries. Not only are we trusted by commercial enterprises, industrial field and individuals, our attorneys have earned the explicit trust of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s royal family, who declared our offices as leading providers of professional legal advice. Our office also harbors close ties with international law firms located in the United States and Europe, ensuring that B&P’s clients benefit from our ability to seamlessly deliver service across multiple international locations, thus cementing our position as a leading law firm in the region. B&P boasts an international partner law firm, Davies & Associates LLC, in New York City, United States.  This partnership has helped many of our clients, not only in immigration proceedings such as visa and green card obtainment, but also in jumpstarting numerous investment opportunities in the United States.   Recently, our offices have expanded into the Gulf, bringing our legal expertise and advice to our new offices in Dubai.

A Place to Trust

From its inception in 2008 to its expansion in 2012, Al-Bedeawi & Partners LLP has been dedicated to improving our services and resources, so that our clients are kept abreast and informed of all legal developments, and that our advice is tailored to the issues that matter most to our diverse clientele. We are committed to working closely with our clients, establishing a bond based on clear and trustworthy advice. Our straightforward and efficient approach means clients are with us every step of the way, making easier for us to organize plans based around the client’s expectations and needs.