Litigation and Dispute Resolution


Our attorneys are experienced and well-versed in all major areas of litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution. B&P has extensive experience in construction, real estate, commercial contracts, employment, tax disputes, corporate governance, libel and patent disputes, negligence, insurance and international arbitration.

Equipped with acute dispute resolution skills that only comes with years of experience in the corporate field, our team represents high-powered clients, with experience in multi-party negotiation between private parties, arbitration and mediation.  We are keen to help clients develop a targeted mediation plan that resolves the dispute with advantageous results for our client.

When it comes to real estate or construction, many clients often accept defects or mistakes in an effort to avoid what may seem like costly litigation.  Although litigation may seem like a daunting step, our attorneys are trained to advise clients on risks and agreements or resolutions that should be avoided, in order to create a less costly litigation process with a successful turnout.  Subsequently, if more than one party is liable, the legal battle may be long, confusing and complex.  B&P is prepared for cases like this, with experienced attorneys in the field of construction, tourism, real estate and property management.

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