Investment and Economic Law


Investment law is one of the fastest growing areas of law, globally. In Egypt, the economy has struggled since the revolution of January 25, 2011. The Egyptian currency, and thus investment has taken a hit as well. Although there have been setbacks, the Egyptian laws have made strides to encourage investment, both by Egyptian and foreign parties.

B&P is able to keep abreast of the changing legislation and policies related to international investment procedures. For those looking to invest, our team can provide advice on an array of areas such as tax codes, environmental and industrial regulations and labor laws. We know that clients need to navigate through the exchange controls, domestic financial law, intricacies and updates to the investment law, as well as dispute resolution and settlement according to national laws already in place.

Our team of attorneys can help clients with the structuring and restructuring of funds, and can aid in drafting organizational documents, necessary in forming an investment fund. We are also able to help private equity firms negotiate the terms on which investors can contribute the money. B&P is also able to conduct negotiations and develop contracts.

Our people have real experience working in business, tourism and investment. Our reputation is steeped in a great deal of professionalism and trust, especially in regards to detailed preparation and a commitment to succeeding on behalf of our clients.