Intellectual Property Rights and Technology


As the world becomes more connected through travel and the Internet, more and more companies are looking to protect their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from infringement. We are able to provide comprehensive legal advice related to IPR to both foreign and domestic clients.

B&P is committed to the protection and success of our clients, by helping to recover any monetary compensation for damage, while enforcing IP rules and regulations. This includes in the areas of IP rights and name disputes. B&P’s attorneys have represented clients from media and technology backgrounds through patent, copyright and trademark litigation. For our clients who need help drafting patents or with general patent legislation, we can help ease our clients into the process with patent preparation and application drafting, as well as patent prosecution. We also have the ability to conduct Freedom to Operate (FTO) analyses to determine whether a product is infringing valid IPRs of other companies.

Regarding trademark management, our attorneys are fully qualified to help clients maintain and enforce trademark rights and licensing, as well as manage portfolios and corporate transactions. Our attorneys are also able to create and implement brand guidelines for trademark usage, help with registration, post registration and maintenance.

For more information on how our attorneys can help your company or startup in the area of IPR and technology, contact us today.