Insurance Law


B&P’s attorneys are well-versed in insurance law and are prepared to work with insurers and reinsurers on their long-term plans. Our goal is to look forward, creating a partnership with our clients, taking into account, not just their short-term goals in the insurance industry, but their long-term goals as well.

Our firm is equipped to handle all matters related to M&A and regulatory matters, reinsurance litigation, restructuring of capital and insurance recovery. Our team is capable of advising clients on a range of issues related to insurance including aspects of property and real estate transactions/refinancing. Our people are capable of advising our clients on new legislation and developments related to the field of insurance, keeping them abreast of the best policies and procedures.

With our office located in Cairo, we are able to help insurance companies throughout the region with their insurance strategies and policies. We represent clients from larger corporate backgrounds, the financial industry, banks, capital providers, regulators and other insurance industry-related clients.

Our team-oriented approach that helps to successfully serve our clients working in the insurance industry. Our advice is pragmatic and forward-thinking within the field of insurance and reinsurance, and our clients benefit from the intense insights we have gained in working with our clients across the region.