Tax Law


Tax law is notoriously complex and is often shrouded in highly technical jargon, making it difficult to navigate and understand. If clients fail to observe the correct tax laws and regulations, they could face loss of export privilege and hefty fines. Having a good and trustworthy tax attorney from a business’s inception throughout its progression, is key to complying with the ever-changing international and national provisions, procedures and regulations.

We are able to assist our clients, both foreign and Egyptian national with the following:

  • Accounting and Applicability of Tax Provisions: Aiding clients to comply with accounting practices and standards by helping clients to understand whether they are liable to tax regarding more unclear areas of the law.
  • Compliance: Helps clients comply with the Egyptian tax regulations, by assisting in tax calculation, preparing statutory accounts and meeting compliance deadlines.
  • International Trade Compliance: Offers legal advice regarding Egyptian tax and customs laws, and other import and export regulations. Additionally, we offer advice regarding VAT taxes, export clearance provisions and regulations as well as helping to manage supply chain risks and trade facilitation.
  • Tax Disputes: Provide advice and representation regarding disputes with the Egyptian Tax Authority related to import and export tax-related issues, tax accounting, global trade, auditing and tax treatment of tangible and intangible goods and services.

We can offer you the support you need through our comprehensive tax consultations on all tax-related issues. B&P is ready to help clients understand tax law and how it directly applies to their financial transactions, while keeping them abreast of any changes in regulations or compliance-related changes.