Business and Corporate Law


Hiring a business attorney is not only practical, it is crucial to the success of your business. B&P has practical and professional experience in the field of corporate law. We are able to help clients through every stage of the business lifecycle. Our responsibility resides in aiding businesses, whether large, medium or small, facilitate the business and management process. Our experience extends into the fields of construction, tourism and hospitality, giving our team an edge in understanding the inner workings of the business world. We are able to provide advice regarding corporate governance, commercial contracts, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, investments and private equity, and alliances and debt control.

Our team is also ready to advise on corporate governance issues regarding internal irregularities, financial reporting, executive succession and other areas of governance. We can analyze and advise clients on policies that comply with governance standards and regulations. Furthermore, B&P offers legal advice regarding shareholder proposals, proxy battles and communications with shareholders.

B&P can also help clients before a crisis occurs. Crisis management procedures can be crucial for companies who are interested in establishing a plan of action before the crisis hits. B&P can advise on these procedures, helping clients create a comprehensive plan, allowing employees to respond to crises in a calm and efficient manner.

With our array of services, we are 100 percent committed to helping our clients operate in new markets, navigate international and national regulations, manage their growth and protect their assets.